Download free offline vector maps for Locus Map, Orux Maps and c:geo is 2.0‑nearly


I’d got­ten some time late­ly and work­ed towards the new and almost bet­ter

Thank you donors

First of all: Thanks to all donors.

Sin­ce I star­ted coll­ec­ting dona­ti­ons a cou­ple of weeks ago, I recei­ved about 50$ via Pay­pal and Bitcoins.

One of the first major steps was an alre­a­dy over­due ren­aming to I don’t wan­ted to have the „Locus“ bran­ding within my domain and site name to avo­id any confusion.

Coin­hi­ve Mone­ro Miner

I’ve inte­gra­ted a Java­script based Mon­e­ra miner via Coin­hi­ve. This might be an gre­at alter­na­ti­ve to ads and dona­ti­ons. We will see, how it works …

Backend and design – First steps

As you might have noti­ced the down­loads are still hos­ted with the old sys­tem. But now the first steps are done.

The new front­end is build on Word­Press, which allows me much easier to chan­ge sta­tic con­tent and evol­ve the site using cus­tom plug­ins and so on…

What’s next?

The next big thing are direct down­loads. I real­ly want to get rid of the one click hos­ter and offer direct down­loads. Still don’t have time for this, as this is still a spa­re time project.