Download free offline vector maps for Locus Map, Orux Maps and c:geo

264 maps available


As of now the­re are 264 dif­fe­rent maps avail­ab­le for down­load!!!
And the­re are still some left, which are not yet working.

What else has chan­ged:

  • The old method (using will final­ly be remo­ved wit­hin the near future :..(
  • The con­ver­si­on pro­cess was fur­ther impro­ved and is more sta­ble now

What is plan­ned:

I had the idea to deli­ver files direct­ly using Tele­gram. What do you think about it?
The basic idea:

  • Sub­scri­be to maps using Tele­gram
  • Whenever a new map is publis­hed it will be direct­ly send using Tele­gram or a down­load link will be send for too lar­ge files (> 1GB)

Real­ly ann­yo­ing

The site is blo­cked by some Yandex index, becau­se of „mal­wa­re“. Which is real­ly stu­pid. Surely I have imple­men­ted Coin­hi­ve (via , but basi­cal­ly it is obvious and only used to crea­te a token for a one-time down­load link.